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Thursday, 26 June 2008

How increase in oil prices affected in our daily life?

Dear respected Malaikat Sesat Bolger’s; I would like to share this useful information with you all. How increase in oil prices affected in our daily life?

A substantial and sustain
increase in oil prices has a compounding effect on our society and our economy.

The bad news is...
1. It costs companies more to transport their products, send mail, and get supplies.
2. This increase in cost in transportation and resources will again be sent back to the consumer.
3. The consumer experiences further income loss for basic necessities.
4. Food costs which use gasoline in tractors are higher.
5. Product costs are higher.
6. Fewer jobs are produced.
7. It’s a major contributor to the rising of inflation in our country (Malaysian government inflation expectation for year 2008/2009 will be 5% to 6%).
8. Also the major contributors to the loss of realized income.

The good news is…
· The faster the Country can develop alternative sources of fuel that are both sustainable and cost effective the less reliance on oil.
· The less reliance on oil the less likely the price of oil will bounce around and affect the economy.
· A more stable economy means a better chance of sustained growth in GNP, jobs and investments.

Until then, we absolutely can do nothing to change it. Just "wait and see" what next, and hope for our government will to do something to overcome these major economic crisis. Long Live Malaysia!


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